Sunday, November 1, 2009

Friendship makes me more live and healthy

My dear travel friends, today I invite you to read my interview with one of the most active TFT members Eko Nursanty from Indonesia, known on TFT as Santy :).

Santy, you are TFT member since December 2007. How did you find TFT?

I made research about travel and traveler for the ministry of education in Indonesia. At the first step I made a research about how important the role of outside space for the education process of children. Then I continued my research on adult person who likes to use many times of their life outside the home, as a traveler.

Did you like the idea of TFT at first sight?

Yes... I made contact to Marco, I find many things about Marco, his personal blog, his online album..... I used his TFT to find some other friends and talked about traveling for my research..... In the first time I joined with TFT (2007), TFT didn’t had TFT Forum, so I need a community that has a room to discuss a topic. At November 2008, I know that TFT will make a forum to discuss and I joined the be the ambassador to optimize the potential of all Indonesian members by discuss about traveling and making all the places to be beautiful place when viewed from the point of discussion in TFT Forum.

You are a very active member with more than 800 travel friends by your profile. What does TFT mean for you?

It's really half of my life...... ;) For examples. If I think about my research I always think about use some friends in TFT... If I met with TFT members... I always joint them with my students.

Did you meet many of TFT members in real life?

YES....... really made full of spirit to do something with them... Last time....when I made trip with Fokke from Netherlands, Sometimes, I called Fokke...with....Marco. For many times...hahaha... I think TFT always full in my mind.....I met with Indonesian members as a formal events, about 5 times TFT meetings in Indonesia. At August, Fokke and his mother stayed in my home for 5 days. September, Nick and Bibi stayed in my home for 3 days. In October, I met with Vafa and his 12 friends from Iran. After that, we always contact each other……….. and I feel empty after they back home.

Is your family so enthusiastic about travelling as you are?

YES..... my daughter and my husband are TFT members too... WE (three of us) use speaker if we called a friend of TFT by cell phone. If I make plan to visit new destination, can you imagine……….. I always dream about it. Tell and think about it….. and my family really enjoy to discuss about it. And for a new destination, I go with my family….. my daughter and my husband. Sometime with my mother too. But, for the next time at the same destination I go just with my client or my students. My family is always active in my TFT meeting too, they know all the attendees each others, and feel close each other.

Tell us something about your country, please. As I know Indonesia has many of lovely volcanoes.

SO many things...... Ivana.....hahhaa.... but, I will try to tell you..... About beach and Island...... I read about other island in Singapore, and after I visited......So many same and more than Singapore in Indonesia......... BUT we never publish like them.... :) I read about jungle train in Malaysia, in web 61, And after I tried and learn about it.....We have so many train track that really beautiful, but we never publish and write about it.... SO.... I think, there are some things that must to know, especially for TFT members in Indonesia. Everything in here are cheaper..... but, just one city (Bali) that show in international research....

For me, as a European, your country is very exotic. I live in the middle of Europe, my country is surrounded by others countries and I cannot imagine how great could be live in the country of many islands.

YES..... we must make some things to make easier for travelers, first.... And, I try to learn from other country. Especially in public transportation...

What about languages in your country? Do you have one official language or are there more of them?

In my country, so many languages, every Island have variety language. Java language more difficult than English for me..... BUT, our nationality language is Bahasa Indonesia.

Could you be so kind and translate for us a sentences to your native language? For example: Hi, my name is Santy and I like to travel.

Hi, Saya Santy...... dan saya sangat suka jalan-jalan..

I asked to translate because I had once a pen friend from Malaysia and she wrote me few sentences in Malay language. I really liked it and now I wanted to compare both languages. Have you been in your neighboring countries: Malaysia, Papua New Guinea or East Timor?

I go to Malaysia and Singapore every 3 months. Papua and East Timor, never..... :). It's really funny, I have so many students from Papua and East Timor..... and I never bring my students and made research to there.....My trip is always my research journey, so I made coordination with my team about destination that I can use to be sample. And….. Papua and East Timor, are really expensive in airways ticket, so really make me not place them in my listing.

Is that a big difference between Malaysia and Indonesia? Do you use English in Malaysia?

Hm.... there are similar things between Indonesia and Malaysia. But yes, we got economic crisis few years ago and Malaysia not. In my research about traveling system...AIR ASIA the biggest airways in Malaysia have Indonesia as the biggest destination for their flight. So, I think.... for youth traveler, we have so many consumers for their business. To language: sometime, I use Indonesian and English when I’m in Malaysia..... Because I can’t understand all Malaysian words, just part of similar words with Bahasa Indonesia.
Malaysian language base of Malayu language, but Bahasa Indonesia mix about many things other Melayu, it’s mix with local language that we have very…very variety local languages.

What about food and drink in your country? What would you offer us?

Hm...It's so many, ..... WE will Ivana..... Me and so many members will make party for some guess.... Can you believe it.... If I made thread and messages about someone will visit Indonesia, and so many members contacted me, they will gave offer party.....I think the famous food in Indonesia is Nasi Goreng.....but every region have local food, like Padang... the famous food from Sumatera. Is Padang food. There is NASI KUNING like yellow rice if we celebrate something.

And what do the people from sunny countries think about snow, cold and ice?

Hm.... because you asked about what the people ...... I asked to my students now....hehehe. They said, they really dreamed about somewhere that really white in everywhere, soft..... really beautiful......

Lovely answers. How is the weather in your country? Do you have 2 seasons in a year? 6 months plus 6 months?

As a theory yes. But actually there are the pancaroba months, it's mean transition between rains and dry.... And sometimes, unpredictable in pancaroba.

Santy, if you would get a possibility to travel around whole world for a year. How would your travel plan look like?

Hm.... As a mosleem, of course I must going to Maccah the special place in my religion. After that, I must visit Europe, because I teach about Modern Architecture in Europe. From Germany, French, Netherlands..... and the other country.... that list in my Modern Architecture Movement...... :)

Yes, you are a lecturer of architecture. There are many beautiful buildings around the world. You have sure some special list of what you would love to see. Can you tell us at least 5 buildings you would prefer to see?

5 ?? it's really small amount..... ;) I want to see Bauhaus the famous campus that I read about Modern movement in Architecture, not about the building but about spirit of their education process. And than, Eiffel..... Louvre ...... Palm Island in Abu Dhabi. And Wilwauke Muzeum by Santiago.

You are with your students right now. Can you ask them for us if you are a good teacher?

Hahahaha...... how can I tell you about their answer ?? All of them call me "mom”. We discuss about everything like boyfriends, party, etc. Marco confused about it when he made video online with my students, he asked me "your daughter....again ???" hahaha

You must be a great teacher. Except your job and travelling, do you have some another hobbies?

Hm....actually, I like to collect freezer magnets and pins from all of the world. It's about more than a hundred I have.... I dream about many places by my freezer magnets and pin. Here is my collection : It's 2 months ago in picture, I get more the new comer collections now....Sometimes, I use my collection to make trick for my students. I said, I will give them my new collection if they get the best student in final exam to be engineer. And always work…… made them screamed………..”YES…..we will, mom…..” hahaha……

That´s funny. Now very serious question. What are the most important things in your life, Santy?

Hm.... the important things ??? It's really difficult question, Ivana.... Because all is important for me...... my family, my students, my research, my hobby, my friends.... AND I mixed all of them to be one. Always mixed them in all my day. Because I can't do anything without their supports..... :) So, all of them is important thing for me....

In your profile you have written: Friendship makes me more live and healthy. And I am sure, because you have so many friends, you will live next 100 years in a good health. Thank you very much for the interview and I hope I will walk one day with you in your lovely country.

I hope that.... I make some works with government now, to make easier TFT visit Indonesia. (I told to Marco few months ago, when we made preparation of the third TFT meeting in Karimunjawa Island) Please help me with your pray...... AND we will meet someday in reality. Thanks, Ivana..... :)


Marco van de Kamp said...

What a lovely post. Nice to see this great interview on our blog. i did npt know you collected magnets ;)

Mel Lifshitz said...

friendship is not just essential to humans but its the force the binds the universe through mutual belief and understanding.

Melly Lifshitz said...

Hope you will update this blog soon.

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