Thursday, December 4, 2008

Travelers For Travelers enables Wiqet for 18.000 members

Amsterdam - Travelers For Travelers (TFT) is the first travel community using the Wiqet Voice & Photo Player. During travels we all want to make lots of pictures and afterwards we like to share these with friends. By using the Wiqet Player you will not only be able to share your photos you can also tell the story behind them! Wiqet is a perfect way to make the profiles of the TFT members (+18K) more personal.

How does the Wiqet Player works? Well it’s easy. You upload your photos (up to 49) into the Wiqet Player. Choose with each photo to zoom in/out or rotate. After uploading your photos, you can record a voice message with your computer. Within the Netherlands you can also use your (mobile)phone to record a messages. This will soon be also be available in other countries. After recording your messages you can ‘drag & drop’ your photos to make sure they are in the right sequence. You can play a Wiqet just like a video (press play) and also use options such as ‘sent to a friend’ or use the html code to put it in your own site, blog or community (like MySpace or Hyves).

Check out this profile as an example:

Especially for websites where people want to meet up with each other, such as TFT, the Wiqet is a welcome tool to make the profiles more personal. You do not only read something about a person and see some photos. Now you actually hear his or her voice message! In each Wiqet the logo of TFT is displayed transparent above the photos. It is easy to use the Wiqet anywhere on the web. When the Wiqet is placed on MySpace, Facebook or on any other website people can easily, by clicking the logo, link back to the website of TFT.

Wiqet ( is developed by Wiqet Media. Everybody can make a Wiqet on and send or place it somewhere. Websites can make use of the Wiqet Webservice. They can integrate Wiqet as a tool and offer it to their users.

Travelers For Travelers ( connects locals and travelers. We just launched our site and in a year time more then 18.000 travelers from more than 226 countries became a member. TFT is a community that makes it possible for travelers and locals to get to know each other online and visit each other in real life.


traiu said...

this is a very friendly and easy-to-use player, i'm gonna use it asap on my tft account!

Marco van de Kamp said...

Yeah I love it to. You can see the Wiqet on my Travelers For Travelers profile:

Anonymous said...

Wow... i just used the wiqet. Super easy. Just bookmarked their site. Im gonna be using this more often!

sophie said...

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