Thursday, May 29, 2008

What is is, even if I say so myself, quite simply the best hostel search enginge and comparison website out there. Its purpose is simple and clear: TFTHostels combines all other major hostel booking websites into one user interface. At launch, we'll already be the best and biggest, but there's always room for improvement: we're aiming to include 99 percent of hostels in the future. The remaining 1 percent consists of hostels whose owners are too lazy to make their existence known to the world, and of hostels whose owners don't want or are unable to make their existence known, simply because they're located in extremely remote areas, cut off from civilization and communication (now that's where I wanna go!).

So, in short: we combine all hostels from all major hostel booking websites. Some only provide dorms, others only private rooms, but they're all included in the website. You can check and compare prices and availability, find uncensored ratings and reviews, in addition to contact information of the included hostels. Since many hostel booking companies do not provide this information, we let our users add this information to the page, Wiki-style.


Chris said...

Hey Dude!

Vette shit met je site! Heb al geprobeerd hostels te zoeken en te boeken, gata goed en ook bets wel snel! Alleen bangkok duurde echt f**king lang, maar dat waren dan ook 900 hostels! Whaha! Ik probeer erbij te zijn a.s. woensdag!

Buzios Pousadas said...

Check the hostel is hygienic and do not be anxious to ask questions about any distrustful activities.